Golden Capital

A summer pavilion for Novosibirsk




The pavilion can be positioned anywhere inside or outside the city. It can easily be dismantled and moved somewhere else and it provides a universal space for all kinds of activities.

Its extent follows the golden ratio with a length of 1893 cm and a width of 1126 cm consisting approximately 213 m2, with variable canopy height.

The pavilion is an eye-catching facility to forward architecture.



Everything that is needed to mount the canopy and almost everything necessary to run the pavilion, is boxed in two 40´ containers (L 12,192 mm, B 2,438 mm, H 2,591 mm) which can be easily transported on standard trucks.

The containers are upgraded with extra openings and mechanisms in order to meet their new purpose.

After the containers are offloaded and emptied near the selected site, they are tipped on end and fixed on a pre-prepared foundation (ca. 2.5 x 8 m). For stability the towers are connected at a height of approximately 10 m. This construction is furthermore adapted for use as a balcony, accessible via a ladder inside one of the containers.

The lightweight roof construction is assembled on the ground around the base of the container towers.

Steel cables are then applied and connected to winches incorporated in the containers, and the roof is lifted to the appropriate level to:

  • build in light foil skylights (like for example
  • mount weatherproof and isolating curtains to the edges of the structure.

Finally, the roof is lifted to the proper height which can vary for different situations.

At ground level, timber flooring is laid and railings suitable for seating are installed around the perimeter of the pavilion.

The ground floor of one tower contains a compact kitchen, the other, a restroom.


The curtains and roof give the pavilion a modifiable osmosis.

Entrances are covered transparent PVC curtains

The remainder of the external “skin” is constructed of heavy opaque white PVC, which is fixed to the perimeter railings to prevent them from fluttering in the wind.

Sections or all of this flexible “skin” can be opened providing space for both ingenuous exposure and introverted exploring.

The translucency of the skylights can be regulated to vary the light penetration for different internal usage.


If required the pavilion can be zoned for variable, flexible utilization, e.g. lightweight boards suspended from the roof structure enables the open-plan to be divided into arbitrary areas such as café, lyceum, workshops, gallery, exhibition, theatre etc.

Necessary inventory such as lighting, electrical equipment, and seating, are stored in flight cases which can be used as workbenches when furnished with an additional table top.